Our containers bring a whole new concept to Topiary,  an entirely new form of gardening that has not been seen before.   The 10 side apertures and top planting allow up to 18 small hedging plants in 3 or 4 inch pots (called liners in the trade) to be grown together.  Within a few months the container begins to fill out and at around 12 months clipping can begin.  By 18 months basic shapes can be achieved and these continue to fill out quickly to become handsome Topiary that is entirely portable and can be hung as a basket, mounted on a wall or displayed on a stand.  Two  different baskets can be mounted on a two tier planter to achieve even more novel displays.

The constraints of the container restrict the plant roots in a bonsai effect such that plant growth will be kept in check and plants that could grow into trees remain entirely manageable.

At the time of writing: – October 2010 our containers have only been available for 3 years so much of the topiary work is still in its early stages.  To start with we tried box to see if the concept worked.  The results are pictured below.  We have followed this up with 2 bay baskets, currently about 4 months since planting and developing very quickly. We have also just planted multi coloured topiary containers using different varieties  of shrub such as Euonymus,  Lornica,  Pittisporum, Berberis, Ivies and more box.  Because of the even spacing of  plant apertures a variety of patterns can be achieved such as diagonal or horizontal stripes and block patterns.   Much work remains to be done and details will be published on this site over the coming months.

If you want to try this for yourself we will be pleased to receive your comments and pictures.

Box ball 20 months


Box ball 44 months

bay basket 4 months after planting