Below are some pictures of Autumn containers we have planted.  We normally plant Autumn containers   in September  and depending on the weather and what we plant, we would normally expect them to last past Christmas.  You can view a video of autumn planting on this youtube link   Autumn Basket or cut and paste the following URL

We have to buy our plants from local garden centres, just like most people, and being based on the Isle of Wight, the choice is somewhat limited.

However we are slowly building up our own stock of evergreen plants such as ivy, box, euonymus, bay, pittisporum, heuchera, and hebe etc in various forms.  These we use when appropriate in displays all year round and when not in a display we pot them up and propagate from them to increase our stock.  These evergreen’s can form the backbone of cold season displays and create their own micro climate by protecting more tender flowering plants from the worst effects of wind and frost.

You can also use permanent topiary displays for the Autumn – see our topiary section.

These are some of our Autumn baskets;

September planting: sides:- ornamental kale, winter pansy, heuchera and heather. top planting:- small flowered fuschias, heathers and pansies. When the fuschias stopped flowering they were replace with cyclamen

One of two baskets planted for the Harrogate Autumn Show 2009 it was on display outside our village butchers until the severe cold weather in January 2010

The second of our Harrogate 2009 show baskets in a red/purple theme. Again this picture was taken minutes after planting and the basket was displayed outside and looking good until the the exceptionally cold snap at the end of January 2010.

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Autumn 2010

Customer baskets awaiting delivery Autumn 2010

White basket Autumn 2010

Autumn 2010