Plant Containers


This section contains general information and a demonstration video on this page and more specific and detailed information about seasonal, crop and technical aspects on the sub menu pages.

Demonstration Video:

The clip above demonstrates the planting of  standard sized plugs as you would normally buy from the garden centre.   With these plants you would need to wait a few weeks before the basket fully matures.

However the versatility these containers is such that you can accommodate large established plants and thereby produce instant displays.  For example the basket below was planted in September and photographed within minutes of being completed.

This facility is is a key factor and allows the use of these containers for every season of the year.  When combined with the  ability to dismantle and retrieve perennials and small shrubs the range of seasonal plants that can be used is greatly increased. This in turn greatly expands the variety of basket displays that can be created.  The seasonal sub divisions of this section contain pictures of the many colourful and unusual displays that can be achieved.

Our plant containers are all constructed from three clip together parts with accessories that enable them to be used in different ways.

Three basic basket parts

Hanging basket with telescopic centre post

Two tier Patio Planter

Wall Basket with is own mounting bracket

All our containers are supplied in their own boxes complete with accessories and make excellent gifts for gardeners